Know the Job Search Vocabulary!

E-Resume – a resume specially formated to send electronically.

Scannable resumes – a resume designed with minimal formating to send via “snail” mail to a company that scans resumes with special software.

Plain text resume – a resume that is stripped of most formating. It is the easiest to store and read electronically.

Keywords – words used in your resume and cover letter that makes you stand out as a job applicant

Job kiosk – a dedicated computer workstation in a store or other business where an applicant applys for a job by completing an “electronic” application.

Online job application an application that is completed on the web site of the company or academic institution.

Behavioral interview questions – a method of interviewing that focuses on the job applicants past behavior. The answers can be an indicator of future success .

Guerrilla job search tatics – methods of getting your resume to the top of the pile.

Web 2 communities – a place to network and be “seen” by recruiters.


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