How to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search

The social networking site LinkedIn can be a very effective job hunting tool.  Unfortunately, many people who need it have no idea exactly what is it or how to use it.  Over 55,000,000 professionals have signed onto LinkedIn.  Some use it to find jobs, others to find employees, still others to get information on a particular company or industry or to find business opportunities.  The list appears endless.

Where does a novice begin when confronted with a social networking site like LinkedIn?  You’ll have a good start with the article linked above and to the right. Here you’ll find step by step and screenshot by screenshot instructions on how to begin a job hunt with LinkedIn.  Glen Cathey of the Boolean Black Belt blog is responsible for putting this together.  If you want additional suggestions regarding LinkedIn, you will want to check out “Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn” by Guy Kawasaki. Look under the category Social Networking Tools in the frame to your right on this blog.  If you use these sites and have a couple of extra minutes, it would help us to know how it worked out.


4 Responses to How to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search

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  2. Vicky says:

    Thank you for the great post. It saved me lots of time

  3. Vicky says:

    that’s a good idea, I need to set up my linkedin account

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