Help for Job Hunters at the Newton Free Library

The Newton Free Library offers a one hour class, often twice a month, entitled “Applying for a Job Online.” You can access information on the class by clicking here. The web page includes a schedule of all Newton’s classes.  Below it you can access the main handout, the training syllabus, and the PowerPoint presentation.  It also includes a link to Newton’s Quick Job Search Blog, which you are now on.

While you are on our blog, take a look at the blocks at the top of the screen.  One of the boxes is labeled “Books.” Here you will find a current list of useful books for job hunters.  If there is a book that is not listed that you have found helpful, leave a comment (at the bottom of the “Books” page) and let us know.  Also look at the list of categories in the right frame.  You may find some with sites that will help you.

If you are looking for recommended web sites, click here on our Career Center.  The web page  is simple to use, with several suggested sites listed under each topic.

An additional note on the class we offer.  Our “Applying for a Job Online” class has changed recently. The section on the scannable resume has been dropped. According to a number of patrons that have taken the class, it is no longer being used.  More employers are asking that resumes and cover letters be copy and pasted directly into email and not sent as attachments.  This means that anything that was originally done in a word processing program needs to be stripped of most of its formatting, a complicated process.  Part of the class goes through the steps for doing this using a resume done in Microsoft Word 2003.


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