Minuteman Libraries Helping Job Seekers

A number of libraries in the Minuteman system offer help that is specifically designed for people who are job hunting.  The libraries are listed below with links to their job related web pages.  Some pages take longer to download than others.

Acton Memorial Library

Click here to see Acton’s “Resources for Job Hunters”.

Bedford Free Public Library

Click on Bedford’s “Jobs and Career Resources” site here.  Don’t forget to look at the right side frame for additional information.

Framingham Public Library

Framingham includes a number of resources.  You can drop in for help with both your resume and with computers.  Click here for more information.  Three handouts that may prove very useful are Job Resources at the Framingham Public LibraryWriting an Effective Resume, and Helpful Job Searching Websites.  Click on each title to see the handout.   These pamphlets are in pdf,  so make sure you click the down arrow to see the second page.  If you print them out, make sure you use the pdf printer icon and not the one you usually use with your browser.

Waltham Public Library

Check Waltham’s Job Hunting Resources here.  Do not forget to also check Waltham’s calendar for other programs or groups relating to job hunting.

Winchester Public Library

To check classes being offered by Winchester, click here.  Also check their calendar for rescheduled classes.


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