Keeping Your Social Security Number Secure While Applying for Jobs

One of the first rules for protecting your identity is to protect your Social Security number at all costs.  This goes double when you are applying for a job.  Many online job applications require you to put it in and will not let you proceed until you do.  How do you get around this?   I got a tip from one of the patrons attending my class recently.  What you do is put in all zeros.  If you put in 9 zeros in a row and that doesn’t work, then add the hyphens as shown in the card here.

When you are done reading this tip, please click here at  I have linked to the article “The Dirty Dozen Dangerous Online Job Search Assumptions.”  I have written about this in an earlier posting.  I also hand out copies of it in every “Applying for a Job Online” class that I teach (with the author’s permission.)  I cannot emphasize the importance of this topic enough.  You are tempted share information when you are applying for a job that in other circumstances you would not.  Don’t.  You do not need the pressure of dealing with identity theft at any time, but especially when you are already dealing with the stress of trying to find a job.


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