Five Questions to Get You Through Any Interview

You have successfully traversed the black hole of computer job applications and resume submission and actually have a job interview.  Now what?  How do you prepare for it?  I strongly suggest that you click here (or on the icon) and take a look at an article published on the New York Public Library’s blog.  It turns out that just about everything a company wants to know from you can be boiled down to five basic questions.    The article explains what these questions are and ties them into the questions that an interviewer actually asks.    It will definitely help you organize your information for the interview.  Good luck.

While you are doing your homework on your company for the interview, you may want to check the Newton Free Library’s link to the Glassdoor website.  If you are lucky, you may actually find interview questions asked of other job candidates in the past at your specific company.  It’s worth a look.  Check my posting below for more information.

A note on networking and the above article.  Another librarian alerted me to it.  I had not thought to check the New York Public Library site.  Networking definitely pays off — for all of us.


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