Job and Career Fairs

A patron attending my last class was hoping for more information on job fairs.  I usually assume that if one person is asking a question, there are a lot more people that can use the information, so I did a little research for the blog.

While looking for sites that either gave a directory of job fairs or information about attending a job fair, I noticed that there were some references to career fairs.  I checked to see if they were being used interchangeably and discovered that they are somewhat different.  Employers attending a job fair are supposed to have specific jobs that they are trying to fill during the fair.  A career fair can be more long term.  Some may have jobs to fill then and there.  Many are probably looking more long term and may have no specific jobs to fill at that time.  They are there to explain the career opportunities at their company and collect information on people that look like good prospects for future hires. Colleges and universities would be prime, but not sole, targets for career fairs.

Below is a list of sites that have information on both job and career fairs.    I was not surprised to discover that one site listed no job fairs over the summer for Massachusetts and another did.  As always, you never rely on one source for anything.  If you use any of them, let me know how it works out. Click on the highlighted titles to find more information.

INTERNET SITES’s Information on Job Fairs

Job Fair Directory from

Tips for Attending Job Fairs

Riley Guide on Career Fairs

Riley Guide on Working a Job Fair’s Listing of Career Fairs


1. Maximize Your Job Fair Experience

2. Come to the Fair Prepared




New England

If you discover more sites or job fairs, would you let me know.  I will either add them to this posting or do a new one.

vea/1 July 2010
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.


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