Good Advice to be Found on the JobSpice Blog

As you have probably noticed, my personal blogging style is finding a topic I think will help you out and then writing about it, incorporating links to other sites or other postings within that topic. I don’t like overwhelming people.  You’re under enough stress at the moment as it is.   Thanks to a reply that another blogger left for me, I learned of a blog that is packed with first hand information from someone who has been through a relatively recent job hunt. I have looked at this blog a number of times.  It has short, well written articles with advice on effective interviewing, writing resumes, using guerilla tactics, even an article about cover letters.  There is a great deal of free advice here that the author is passing along.  The articles are well worth reading.

The blog is so good that I could not pass it by.  But I did have to think about how I was going to handle it.  The blog is the free part of a commercial resume builder site. As a public library reference librarian, I do not  recommend anything that you have to buy, online or off.  I have never used anything on the site I am discussing except the free blog.  I realize that just as I would recommend the “Learning Center” of (a free section of a subscription database), I am recommending the JobSpice blog (also a free section of a commercial website).  To take a look, click on JobSpice Blog and pick your topic from the right hand frame. Let me know what you think.


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