What to Do with Unsoliticted Job E-mail

   This is a question that is coming up more and more frequently.  What should you do when you get an unsolicited  email offering you a job?  First what you should not do.  Don’t feel you have to open it, unless your email program does this automatically.  Under no circumstances, none, nada, never, open an attachment.  Also do not forward it to a freind who is unemployed that you hope to help.

If you want to stay safe online, you now have three choices.  First you can just throw it in you email trash.  Second, you can mark it as junk.  Third, you can mark it as spam.  If your email provides you with an easy way to alert your email provider to the spam, it would definitely be a good thing to do.  Your provider may be able to delete other similar email as they attempt to come in. 

Legitimate employers do not look for new hires this way.  In this economy they already get more applications than they can handle. They are not looking for more.  This type of email is a fishing expedition.  The sender is trying to get as much personal information and/or money from you as possible. 

I wish I could say that this posting was just for newbies beginning a job search. It isn’t.  It is for everyone.  No matter how experienced we are, we are tempted “to take a chance, just this once.”  This is especially true when we are out of work, totally stressed out, and feel our back is against the wall.  Do Not answer unsolicited email.  Never send them your resume.  Do you really need the stress of identity theft on top of being unemployed?

Be good to yourself.  Junk, Trash, Delete  (and for those of us over fifty, Fold, Spindle and Mutilate) any unsolicited e-mail dealing with jobs. Remember that very old expression, “If it seems too good to be true, it is.”  That is just as true now as it every was.

2 November 2010/vea
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.


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