Help for Job Hunters in January at the Newton Free Library

The Newton Free Library 13 January 2011

The first January program takes the form of  a  club meeting. “Women in Career Transitionwill meet on Tuesday, the 18th of January at 7:30 p.m. in Room A. The meeting room is in the group of rooms directly across from Druker Auditorium.  The purpose of the club is to provide information, share concerns, and give support.  It is led by Joyce Picard, a Career Counselor.  If you are interested or have questions, you may call her at 1-617-969-5673.

The second of this month’s offerings is a program in “The Job Seekers, Career and Professional Development Series” featuring Tammy Gooler.  Her topic is From Good to Great — How to Build an Effective Resume.” It will start at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25th in the Library’s Druker Auditorium. (Take your first left after you come into the building from the parking lot. Then it’s the first door on your left.)  Tammy will discuss how to put together an effective resume.  In this new age of applying for a job online,  job hunters need additional help in getting their resume to the top of the usually computer sorted pile.  Anyone having problems either putting their resume together or in getting it through the electonic maze should stop by.  It is an interactive program, so questions are welcome, as well as any tips you may have picked up along the way — dos, don’ts, or how tos.  There is no advance registration.  Everyone is welcome.

The last January offering is a class the library offers each month. This month’s class on “Applying for a Job Online” will be held at the Newton Free Library on Wednesday, January 26th, from 2:30 to 3:30. The class is located in the library’s computer training room on the second floor near the top of the front staircase. There are only ten computer stations so we ask you to call us and register to save your place.  The phone number is 1-617-796-1380.

The class covers the use of several online databases, gives tips on dealing with applying for a job online, and shows in detail how to change your formatted resume into plain text.  Having a plain text copy of your resume is critical when you want to send it in the body of your email or when you need to cut and paste it into an online job application. There is a large amount of material to go over, so classes can sometimes run overtime. You will be given handouts of everything covered in class. You should be able to  follow the handouts and  do at home most of what we do in class.

You can find the handouts for the class at the library website.    If you live too far away to come to class, you should still be able to put the handouts to good use.   Click here to get to them directly. This brings you to the “Class Materials and Other Resources.” To get here from the Newton Free Library homepage, go to and put your cursor on the “Services” option near the top right of the page. Then choose “Computer, IT & Classes.”  Near the bottom of the list that appears is “Class Materials and Other Resources.”  Click on it. Handouts 3, 4, and 5 have been completely updated as of June 11th.  Handout 6, “Saving a Resume to Plain Text,” was updated on June 4th.  All contain instructions combined with screen shots. You may have to wait for several seconds for the screen shots to download.  Click on each handout to look at them online.  Feel free to print out any of interest.  If you teach a job search class, you may use any of this material if you credit the source.  See the end of each handout.  If you have any difficulty downloading a handout in Internet Explorer, try it in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

vea/11 January 2011
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.


2 Responses to Help for Job Hunters in January at the Newton Free Library

  1. Cindy says:

    I love the emphasis that the Newton Library is placing on job searching. Our website http://www.unemployedwoman is also talking about all the great resources the public libraries have on helping with your job search; as well as, improving your computer skills and networking as you mentioned. There is a wealth of information available for free for people willing to take advantage of it! Thanks Newton Quick Job Search Blog for bringing it to people’s attention.

    • raknapsack says:

      I took a look at your website and blog and they are excellent. They not only have useful information about hunting for a job, but also how to keep body and soul together while you do it. Kudos.

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