A New Jobs Program for People Trapped in Unemployment

Participants in the Platform to Employment program being interviewed by "60 Minutes"

For all of you who may have missed it, 60 Minutes did an excellent piece on a new program begun by Joe Carbone to help the long term unemployed get their careers back. He works out of the state unemployment office for Southwest Connecticut and calls the program  Platform to Employment.  It is paid for by a non-profit group he pulled together named The WorkPlace.  The piece also shows what long term unemployment does to a person.  If you are the spouse of someone who has been unemployment for far longer than either of you expected, you definitely should take a look at this piece.

Please, take a moment to explore the links below, whether you have been facing long term umemployment yourself or have a friend, an acquaintance, a former co-worker, or a family member in this situation.  I am assuming those who deal with the unemployed on a professional basis are familiar with the psychological damage long term unemployment inflicts.  But if you are not familiar with Joe Carbone’s program, please take a look at the video or the transcript and explore the two websites.

Link to video:

Link to transcript:

Link to TheWorkplace in Bridgeport, CT:
Once you are done reading the “About” page, explore the other tabs at the top of the site.

Link to Platform to Employment

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