A Note on Posting Replies

August 27, 2010

Since blogs are a part of online social networking  (aka Web 2.0), they provide you, as a reader, the opportunity to answer back.   Any time you have an opinion  or a comment regarding a post you have read, you can type it out and let us know what you think or give additonal advice.

There are two ways to get to a reply box in WordPress, the blog provider I use.  You can scroll to the bottom of the blog post where you will see the option to “Leave a Comment”, usually in blue.  Clicking on it will bring you immediately to the box where you can type your reply.  You can also click on the title in black at the top of a post (not the picture or logo below it).  This will bring up the original posting by itself, without any of the other postings that follow when you first bring up the blog.  You will have to scroll down to the bottom (past both the posting and a WordPress ad or two) to get to the box where you can type your reply.

Note that your reply will not appear immediately since most blog administrators will look over a reply before allowing it to appear on the blog.  I am no exception. This may be done for many reasons, but the main two are  to check for inappropritate language or to make sure a writer is not using their reply for the sole purpose of leading the reader to another website or blog where they are selling a product or service.

When you first look at a blog, it is a good idea to look for a posted Comments Policy.  Granted, it’s not the most exciting reading, but it is useful to know what is going on and how the blog opperates. There will probably be a certain amout of legalese to get through as well, but it is there to protect everyone associated with the blog, including the reader.  The Newton Free Library’s blog policy is posted to the right of the most recent posting title at the top of this blog’s home page.

Good bloggers will take note of the comments of their readers and send them through for others to read.  The feedback is useful and we love the conversation.

vea/27 August 2010
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.


Welcome to The Quick Job Search Blog!

November 15, 2006

It is the goal of this blog to discover and post web sites, blogs and articles that help dispel the confusion and frustration of people trying to use the Internet to find work.  Postings can be generated by questions generated in the “Applying for a Job Online” class held at the Newton Free Library, by material recommended by staff and patrons, and by the many genuinely helpful people outside the Newton community who also leave comments and suggestions.

The blog began as part of a project funded by the Metrowest Library System and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Would you help?  If you are a job seeker yourself and have found a particular site, book, or article useful, or have an opinion on a specific posting, we would love to have you leave a comment on any of our current or archived material that you find relevant, useful, or just captures your interest.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010.