Catching Up: Job Articles from the Week of March 3rd to 9th

March 9, 2012

Below are articles published during this past week that you may have missed.  Included are pieces from local newspapers that can be accessed online.  You’ll also find several pieces from the General Business ASAP database provided by the state of Massachusetts.   Clicking on the web address should get you there.  If you have trouble getting into any of these, please let me know through the comment function of this blog.


When using the Boston Globe’s online site, you may have to scroll past ads to continue reading an article and then click numbers at the bottom of the first part of each article to continue reading.

Grant to Use H-1B Fees to Train Local Workers by Gail Waterhouse (Boston Globe/9 March 2012)

Employment Report: Mass Economy Created Far Fewer Jobs in 2011 Than First Thought (Boston Globe/8 March 2012)

Hiring up as staffs strain under customer demand (Boston Globe/8 March 2012)

Cloud Hires Would Be a Boon to Massachusetts (Boston Globe/6 March 2012)

10 In-demand Jobs in Massachusetts (Boston Globe)   You have to work for this one. Each job has a separate click. With the introduction, that’s eleven clicks.  The Globe does not make it easy. Hope you have a fast connection.

Boston’s Future Jobs May Be In the Cloud (Boston Globe/5 March 2012)   You may need a Globe subscription to see this. 

Where the Massachusetts Jobs Are Right Now by Francis Storrs (Boston Globe Magazine/4 March 2012)

Putting College Degrees to Work by Jon Marcus (Boston Globe Magazine/4 March 2012)


Jobless Rates Eyed Anxiously by Jerry Kroneberg (9 March 2012)

Massachusetts Again the Best in U.S.: Survey Rates States Capacity to Create Wealth by Frank Quaratiello (6 March 2012)


February Marks Third Straight Month of Strong Jobs Growth by Lucia Mutikani of Reuters (8 March 2012)

GENERAL BUSINESS FILE ASAP  Articles are available to any computer located in the state of Massachusetts.

Disabled Veterans National Foundation to Host Webinar to Aid Veteran Job Search on March 27th from 2 to 3 (Wireless News/8 March 2012)!xrn_1_0_A282372468?sw_aep=ntn

30 Cities in the U.S. See Rise in Job Openings, Reports (0nline/6 March 2012)!xrn_2_0_A282225835?sw_aep=ntn

Is That Online Job Offer for Real (0nline/4 March 2012)!xrn_9_0_A281962279?sw_aep=ntn

Volunteer work can hurt job search if not careful. By Amy Lindgren. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution/4 March 2012)!xrn_8_0_CJ281973247?sw_aep=ntn

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