See what employees are saying

April 20, 2010

At you will find reviews of companies, salary ranges, and interview questions for over 80,000 companies.  The information is provided by employees of these companies or by people who have been interviewed there.  Since the information and companies covered are dependent upon people who are willing to post information, not all companies are included.  If a company you are considering is listed here, you may find information that will help you get that job you are applying for.  It may also warn you about problems within a specific company that you will want to consider.   It’s worth a look.  And if your company is not included, it is worth rechecking this site periodically.  The number of companies covered continues to grow.  Click here or the logo above to check it out.


What Companies Are Laying Off or Hiring?

March 26, 2010

Knowing those businesses that are currently hiring and those that are currently laying off people is vital information in today’s job market.  If you are interested in this type of inforamtion, you’ll want to click on the ReCareered blog covers both headings.  First take a look at the postings on “Who’s Hiring” and “Who’s Firing”, then look around at Phil Rosenberg’s other job related categories. The site is definitely worth checking out. I am grateful to Tammy Gooler Loeb, who spoke recently at the library, for the recommendation.

How to Detect If A Job is a Scam or the Business is Legitimate

March 18, 2010

One of our reference librarian’s had an interesting question the other day from someone who was out-of-state. The caller couldn’t find any information on a business and was beginning to wonder if it was legitimate.  As you check on a business that offers a job opportunity of interest, are there markers you can look for or other websites you can check if you become suspicious? has a good list of seven items to look out for.  One of them is a list of additional sites for further checking.  Just be careful after item number seven.  Right under seven and before “Tips and Warnings”, there are four sites listed that are “Ads by Google.”  It would be easy to mistake them as part of the article.  Ads are placed to the best financial advantage of the groups or persons placing them, but not always for the person using the site.  Always be on the watch for this and be aware whether you are clicking on an ad or a link.  Click here to take a look at the list.

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has put up a list of work-at-home scam types, complete with warning markers and questions to ask.   Click here to view the article.


February 5, 2009

A web site with lots of job tips and company information!

Reasearch Companies Online

December 9, 2008


This web site has links to a number of online resources that will help the job searcher find out information about specfic companies or industries. Thank you to the Framingham Public Library for this site

How to Find Company Information

May 9, 2007


An important part of any job search is to research the company you are targeting for a possible job.  A comprehensive list of resources was devloped by the Framingham (MA) Public Library. Check it out!