The Library of Congress Job and Career Resources Online

June 30, 2010

An often overlooked resource for job hunters is the Library of Congress’ Business Reference Services.  Their staff members have compiled a number resouces and websites under several categories.  All their hard work may pay off for you.  Take a look at the following list. The descriptions are also provided by the librarians of the Business Reference Services. Click on the titles to see the lists.

Career Assistance:  General  Resources                                                                                                               
As the name implies, this list contains resources of all types: government links, portals, and sites providing many types of career related materials.  

Career Assistance: Job Search   Sites/Portals                                                                                        Links for many of the popular job search sites as well as some of the lesser known or career specific (e.g. library jobs) sites may be found here.   

Career Assistance: Resumes and Cover Letters                                                       
Pulling together a resume and cover letter may often be challenging. The sites noted here provide direction and examples to assist with creating a resume that represents you. 

Career  Assistance: State Resources                                                                                                       
Collected here you will find job search and employment resources that are specific to each state. The list is in alphabetical order by state. Resources providing services in all states have been gathered at the top of this page. 

Jobs and Occupations are additional categories that may prove useful. 

For a complete list of subject  guides click on Business Reference Services Internet Resources.   

vea/30 June 2010