Stats, Coaches, and Help for a Tight Budget

July 16, 2010

Taken by the Curious Genealogist at the Newton Free Library

Recently (July 4th) the New York Post had an interesting article regarding career coaches–where they come from and what they do. It’s worth a look here. ( This is a print version rather than the web version.  It’s easier to read, but you may have to cancel out the print button when it comes up.)

The piece included three sobering facts that appear in article after article.

1. “Today’s workers will run through at least 10 jobs, three careers, and two layoffs between college and retirement.”

2. “90 percent of all jobs come through networking.” (Face-to-face and online)

3. The big five [social media networking sites] are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.

What do you do with all of this information?  First you can hire a good career coach.  Finding one is going to be the subject of another blog.  To start off, though, you could sign up for an account in LinkedIn. It is free. (There is that social media networking again.  See number 3 above and the posting on this blog about LinkedIn.)  You will not only find career coaches here, but the people who have used them and how successful they have been.

The problem today is that individuals have limited monetary resources.  It is good to remember that a number of helpful free lectures and classes are available in the Newton area.

You may have already met two local career coaches here at the library. Tammy Gooler Loeb and Danila Székely have donated their time and skill giving lectures in the Job Seeker Series that was held here.  They will be participating in a new series that will start in October.  You can learn more about these coaches and the programs they have already given by typing “Tammy Gooler Loeb” and “Danila Szekely” into the Google Search box near the upper right of the library’s home page. Do not cut and paste Danila Székely.  For some reason the accent mark throws off the search engine and nothing comes up.

 Clicking on the following entries will bring you to more information on other free offerings in the Newton area. If you live outside our geographical area, check the offerings at your own local libraries.

 Newton Free Library

Minuteman Libraries Helping Job Seekers

Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers

If you do not live in Massachusetts and need to find a One-Stop Career Center in your area, click here.

Charles River Public Internet Center

Most of their classes cost between $50 to $120 per class.  But the center does offer a free one-on-one tutoring program that provides basic instruction on e-mail, Internet navigation, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.  The sessions run from 1/2 hour to a full hour.

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Newton Free Library 
Newton, Mass.


Minuteman Libraries Helping Job Seekers

February 16, 2010

A number of libraries in the Minuteman system offer help that is specifically designed for people who are job hunting.  The libraries are listed below with links to their job related web pages.  Some pages take longer to download than others.

Acton Memorial Library

Click here to see Acton’s “Resources for Job Hunters”.

Bedford Free Public Library

Click on Bedford’s “Jobs and Career Resources” site here.  Don’t forget to look at the right side frame for additional information.

Framingham Public Library

Framingham includes a number of resources.  You can drop in for help with both your resume and with computers.  Click here for more information.  Three handouts that may prove very useful are Job Resources at the Framingham Public LibraryWriting an Effective Resume, and Helpful Job Searching Websites.  Click on each title to see the handout.   These pamphlets are in pdf,  so make sure you click the down arrow to see the second page.  If you print them out, make sure you use the pdf printer icon and not the one you usually use with your browser.

Waltham Public Library

Check Waltham’s Job Hunting Resources here.  Do not forget to also check Waltham’s calendar for other programs or groups relating to job hunting.

Winchester Public Library

To check classes being offered by Winchester, click here.  Also check their calendar for rescheduled classes.