Taxes, Deductions, and Your Job Hunt

October 4, 2011

Have you discovered that the federal tax code appears not to allow many, if any, deductions for the expenses of a  job search?  Laura Saunders decided to share information on this topic in The Wall Street Journal.  The article explains the dos and do nots of deducting your job search expenses from your federal taxes.  Unless you are very familiar with the tax code, the author hands over some very useful, and probably unfamiliar, ideas about what you can do to legitimately save yourself some money.  Take a look at “Write Off Your Job Hunt” by  clicking on the picture (above left), the article’s title, or here.  The piece was originally published in the WSJ’s Weekend Investor Section on September 24, 2011.

One of the many joys about working in a library is that you get to work with other librarians.  We tend to be a generous lot who like to share what we find. The article I am citing here is a case in point.  Knowing I do this blog, a  librarian in the Reference Department discovered and shared the above with me for you.

Good luck with your job hunt.

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