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Job Seeker’s Guide to Resumes: Twelve Resume Posting Truths by Pam Dixon at World Privacy Forum

Online Resume Could Result in ID Theft

How to Safely Post a Resume

How to Copy and Paste a Resume to Monster
Note the exclusion of contact information highlighted in the Cut and Paste instructions Number 2. Also check “Tips and Warnings” at the end.

The Dirty Dozen Dangerous Online Job Search Assumptions
by Susan P. Joyce at Job-Hunt.org

Lesley University Library Guide to Evaluating Web Sites


Careers.com http://www.careers.com
The site is owned by Career Builder.com. There is a small search box at the top of the middle frame. If you enter a job for all the United States, the site will bring up relevant states, cities, and job subcategories. If you limit by state, the site brings up relevant cities.

Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)
This is a free on-line service available to all Massachusetts residents. MassCIS is designed to provide occupational and educational information to help people make better-informed career and school choices. This web site is sponsored by the Massachusetts Division of Career Services (DCS).

The first page offers you three choices.  Click on adult.  The next page asks you to register. You can skip this and just scroll to the bottom and put in a town and zip code.  This allows you to look at the material without any registration. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Monster http://www.monster.com is worth a quick check to see its job listings. There are pros and cons to actually posting resumes here.  If you do post, make sure you read the article “How to Copy and Paste a Resume to Monster” linked above.


America’s Career InfoNet http://acinet.org/acinet/
ACINET provides national, state and local career information and labor market data using unique career tools, career reports, videos, and a career resource library, as well as other innovative web-based tools. There is much that is useful here. Check it out.

CareerJournal http:// www.careerjournal.com/
Here you will find articles from the Wall Street Journal that highlight current trends and issues relating to careers and job searching. It’s easy to skim for articles that interest you.

Quintessential Careers http://www.quintcareers.com
This career, job, and college site offers comprehensive, usually free, expert career and job-hunting advice.  It includes articles, tools, tips, samples, and tutorials, as well as links to other excellent job sites. You will find special sections for specific groups of job hunters such as teens and college students, and other information that can be limited by industry, geography, and job-seeker type. The range of offerings at this site makes Quintessential Careers a comprehensive resource. I do have two caveats. Make sure you read the blurbs for your choices carefully before you click.  Sometimes this site gives links to recommended sites that are actually fee based, not free. Pop up ads and promotions can at times be annoying.

The Riley Guide
The Riley Guide is one of the go to sites for the job hunter. Look at it once and you will return. It offers practical advice on all aspects of online job searching and the job application process. It is well worth any time you spend on it. Sponsored links (paid advertising) are all in the right frame and marked as such.

VAULT: Career Intelligence
Considered a very reliable site, the Vault includes job listings both in USA and overseas, as well as articles about resume and cover letter writing.  Take a look at the horizontal string of topics directly under the logo, beginning with “Companies” and ending with “Career Guides.” Clicking on these shortcuts may save you time and keep you from missing important material. (Always check for this type of search aid when you are looking at a new website.) You can try a free membership to the Vault if you like, but it’s not necessary.


Boston Works (Boston Globe)
Boston works is a source for local job listings. You will need to check it out if you are planning to work in the Boston area. This is a fairly well set up site.  I only have one word of warning so far.   There is a “Post Your Resume Today” click on the right that looks like it’s attached to “Upcoming Open Houses.” It appears to be a ploy to get you to post your resume. When you click on “Upcoming Open Houses” there are none, just another encouragement to post your resume. If you do decide to put up your resume, you will be posting to Monster.com, not to the Boston Globe.  If you look in the upper left corner you will see that boston.com has linked itself to monster.com.

Career Builder http://careerbuilder.com
Check the orange colored list of topics at the top, especially under “Find Jobs’ and “Advice & Resources.”  If you decide to “Post Resumes,” you have to be careful not to paste your contact information into the main block with the rest of your resume for the same reasons given above under monster.com. (If you haven’t already, make sure you pull up and read some of the links that introduce this website list.)

Job Fairs in Massachusetts http://www.carouselexpo.com/
This listing of career fairs and open houses covers the entire United States.  Scroll down past the Goggle Ads and pick a state.  When the results come up, scroll down past the Google Ads again to get to your results.

This Commonwealth of Massachusetts government resource includes
a searchable job bank, information on training programs and on child care. The site has a straight forward set up.  No ads.  There is a string of subject tabs at the top that will help you with your search.

JobFind (Boston Herald) http://www.jobfind.com
The set up here is not great. Like the Globe, it also has partnered with monster.com. All searching appears to be through monster. The site has the usual push to download your resume (again, not to the Herald, but to monster.)

Indeed http://www.indeed.com
Indeed is a search engine for jobs.  In one simple search, Indeed.com gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. It includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages – and they continue to add new sites every day. This is a beautifully simple job search engine.  It looks a little like Google’s first page.  When you bring up results, they are listed in the middle frame.  The right frame is clearly marked as sponsored links.  The left frame gives you additional search options. A very nicely set up site.

Simply Hired http://www.simplyhired.com
Simply Hired looks almost exactly like Indeed, but it contains different job listings from different resources. You should check this site as well as Indeed.com. The home page has a clean, easy to use interface. There are no Google ads on the homepage.  They appear as you go deeper into the site and are clearly marked.


Snag A Job http://www.snagajob.com
This is a part-time and hourly full time job search site. Search by zip code. It’s very simple to use.


Net-Temps http://www.net-temps.com/
This is a free service for job seekers. You can search from thousands of new job postings, create a free Job Search Assistant to help find your next job, set up job search agents and access other career resources including resume writing and interviewing tips, salary calculator and a weekly newsletter. You can also post up to 3 resumes and cover letters here if you think this is a good idea.


The Arts
Arts Jobshttp://www.quintcareers.com/arts_jobs.html is a collection of the best resources for jobs in the arts, entertainment, graphic arts, and related fields. Arts Jobs is part of the Quintessential Careers website mentioned above.

Commercial Arts
Creative Hotlist http://www.creativehotlist.com provides unique features for both individuals and firms. Individuals can post resumes, job-wanted listings and online portfolios. Companies and organizations can post information about capabilities and services and from the same account, post job openings and, through the acceptance of resumes online, manage a hiring search.

Computer and Technology
ComputerJobs.com http://wwwcomputerjobs.com posts technical job and career information for computer professionals.  The site is divided into geographical and skill areas. One feature that is unique to the site is a “flag” on opportunities posted by an employer willing to sponsor a work visa for an applicant. The first page consists almost completely of sponsored links.  Put the type of position you are looking for in the search box at the top.  The second page comes up with job listings to the left and sponsored links to the right.

Construction and Public Works
Builder Online http://www.builderonline.com includes features such as the searchable Builder 100, ranking of companies in the industry with profiles and contact information.  To get directly to the job section go to or click on the following http://builderjobs.pro.adicio.com/. I checked out the post resume tab and for the first time I am impressed.  The site funnels new users into LinkedIn, an excellent site dedicated to helping professionals build an online career network. To find out more about LinkedIn, check the booklist supplement I put together under the subheading “Social Networking.”

Health Care
Career Builder/Health Care
This is a part of the CareerBuilder.com website.  On the home page you can find links to articles and videos. In the right frame, below Health Care Sponsor, you will find “Health Care Job Postings,” with tabs for “Recently Posted,” “By Location,” and “By Type.”

Science Careers
Science Careers from Science Magazine
When you finish looking at the tabs at the top of the page, make sure you check out the “Quick Links” section at the very bottom of the home page.


USA JOBS http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ is the one stop source for federal jobs and employment information. I wish the template used for this site was the norm for other job search sites. It’s very clean and intuitive to use.


Chronicle of Higher Education http://chronicle.com/jobs lists jobs from 1,431 university and colleges. This does take some browsing, but that is because of all the information it offers. it’s nicely set up and I didn’t notice one ad.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) http://www.newenglandherc.org/ 36 universities and colleges throughout New England have joined together to list faculty, administration and staff positions on one web site. It is yet another example of a site that has a clean interface, is straight forward and easy to use.

Boston University http://www.bu.edu/hr/ Check this site for job opportunities on the Charles River campus, the BU Medical School, and the Corporate Education Centers.  These postings are updated every Tuesday.

Harvard University http://www.employment.harvard.edu/ Click here to find information on Harvard’s job application process and current job opportunities in all departments.

Harvard University: temporary help
Sepherion http://tempservices.fad.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do is the temporary help agency that is used by Harvard. It claims that many of their temps get permanent jobs at Harvard.


Retirement Jobs.com http://www.retirementjobs.com/ is a web site that focuses on the job seeker over 50. Users can post their resumes, do quick searches and receive e-mail alerts.  Originally featured in the Boston Globe Business section on September 11, 2006, the site still remains an excellent source for both job listings and general articles.  You do not have to join to find information.  Check out options at the bottom of the screen as well as the band of topics at the top.


MonsterTrak  http://www.monstertrak.monster.com MonsterTrak specializes in jobs and internships for college students. It requires you to register if you wish to use it. Be aware that this is another Monster.com website.

Simply Hired http://www.simplyhired.com

Simply Hired has a simple search engine similar to INDEED.com’s site. You should definitely check this as well. It has different job listings from different resources. The home page has a clean, easy to use interface. There are no Google ads on the homepage.  They appear as you go deeper into the site and are clearly marked.

Snag A Job http://www.snagajob.com/ includes part-time and hourly full time jobs.  Search by zip code.


The Job Web: Career Development and Job Search Advice for New College Graduates
Tips for Resume Writing http://www.jobweb.com/resumes.aspx?folderid=142
Tips for Interviewing http://www.jobweb.com/resumes.aspx?folderid=144

Resume Tutorial http://www.careerinfonet.org/acinet/resume/resume_intro.asp?

Simmons Career Resources Library Resume Page
http://libfs2.simmons.edu/libraryguides/index.php/Resumes and_Cover Letters

Job Star http://www.jobstar.org/tools/resume/index.cfm
This one-stop job information site features sample resumes and resume tips, demystifies online resume banks, and helps you choose the right resume for you. You have to dig a bit, but there is good information here. You just have to play dodge-ums with the ads.


Preparing your resume for E-Mailing or Posting on the Internet http://www.rileyguide.com/eresume.html is an informative guide explaining the similarities and differences between an online resume and a print resume, with tips on creating resumes in plain text, html, and posting your resume online. To get quickly to specific information on plain text resumes go to http://www.rileyguide.com/eresprep.html. Their instructions are based on Microsoft Word 2007.

Newton Free Library Instructions for Changing a Resume into Plain Text Using Word 2003 http://newtonfreelibrary.net/?sec=reference&doc=regionclasses Check down the list of handouts until you see it.  You can look at any instructions you find here online or print them out.

A Scannable Resume http://www.quintcareers.com/scannable_resumes.html This site includes a description, with a sample resume included, of the format of a scannable resume. [These are seldom used now, but if you find an employer who wants this format, you can see what you need to do here.]

Keywords in Your Resume http://www.susanireland.com/eresumeguide/eresume/keywords.html Check here if you need information on keywords. The site has a guide to creating them, as well as posting online, e-mailing, resume scanning, and creating Web resumes.


Discrimination in the Workplace

Employment Law

Health Insurance

Children’s Rights http://www.lawlib.state.ma.us/subject/about/childhealth.html

Created by KLM

vea/revised and updated 15 March 2011
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.
Library website:  http://www.newtonfreelibrary.net
Newton’s Job Search Blog:  https://jobsearchchatter.wordpress.com


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